Company Overview

The Order book for Retail Bond Issuers Group (ORBIG) represents companies who have issued retail bonds on the London Stock Exchange’s Order book for Retail Bonds (ORB) trading platform.

Since opening in February 2010, ORBIG has raised £3.9 billion in bonds under the highest standards of market monitoring and supervision. The financial services regulatory body, the United Kingdom Listing Authority (UKLA) is responsible for reviewing and approving prospectuses for all bond issues on the ORB.

Mission statement

ORBIG aims to promote the merits and understanding of retail bonds listed on the London Stock Exchange’s ORB trading platform. The Group aims to provide a concise, unified voice for retail bond issues and educate the wider financial community about the benefits of retails bonds for companies and investors.

Retail Charity bonds

Charities in the UK are permitted to borrow money and pay interest, and loan finance can enable them to expand their activities, generate more income and deliver more benefit for the people they work with. Allia created the Retail Charity Bonds platform to provide charitable organisations with a simple and transparent structure through which they can access £10-50 million of unsecured loan finance via the retail bond market at affordable transaction costs. The platform opens up a new dimension of borrowing and a lighter alternative to bank debt for established charities with strong credit worth. The platform is equally designed to create a new transparent and liquid market for ethical investors looking for social investment opportunities that offer a financial return and create tangible social benefit. Admission to trading on London Stock Exchange’s Order book for Retail Bonds enables investors to buy and sell these social investment products in the secondary market.

Retail Charity Bonds