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How do I invest in bonds on the Order book for Retail Bonds?
To invest in retail bonds, you would go through a retail broker who is a member of the Order book for Retail Bonds. The list of which can be accessed by clicking here.

What retail brokers are currently offering access to the Order book for Retail Bonds?
A non comprehensive list of retail brokers currently offering access to the Order book for Retail Bonds can be found by clicking here.

What bonds are currently being offered?
The bonds that are currently being offered on the Order book for Retail Bonds can be found by clicking here.

What are bonds?
Bonds are tradeable securities, issued by a borrower (the bond issuer) in order to raise capital. Bonds represent a formal agreement between the issuer and the lender (the bondholder) that the issuer will repay to the lender the full amount borrowed plus interest over the lifetime of the bond.

What is the nominal value?
This is the amount that the issuer will pay to the bondholder on maturity. The nominal value is also the amount on which the interest is paid to the bondholder.

What is the minimum size in which I can trade these bonds? 
The minimum size available to trade these bonds varies from bond to bond. Click here to search the list of bonds available. You can then click on the bond you are interested in where you will find the 'Minimum Denomination', this will tell you the minimum nominal amount in which you can.