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Previous events


On 12 August, we hosted a panel discussion with bond market professionals to discuss the key principles of fixed income trading and investment. This was an opportunity for private investors  to send us questions in advance for potential inclusion in the debate. 

Whether you are a fixed income novice or if you have already invested in some retail bonds, but would like to further enhance your technical knowledge, our industry experts will be covering multiple areas of interest. The video series will be available to view very soon.
Key themes:

  • What to look for when choosing a bond investment
  • How to read a bond prospectus
  • Diversification strategies
  • Risk vs reward
  • “Volatility, negative yields and taper tantrums” – how to understand bond market commentary

Moderator: William Cain, Shares


  • Kevin Doran, Brown Shipley
  • Mark Glowrey, Canaccord Genuity
  • Darren Ruane, Investec Wealth & Investment
  • Jeremy Spain, Charles Stanley


Fifth Orb Anniversary

On 18 February 2015, London Stock Exchange hosted an event to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the launch of ORB, the Order book for Retail Bonds. To mark the occasion, Exchange executives, bond issuers, market participants and industry experts gathered to discuss the growth of the retail bond market and the outlook for the next year.


Since its inception in February 2010, ORB has helped a range of issuers from different market sectors to diversify their funding strategies by tapping into growing retail demand for fixed income securities and raising over £4.3 billion through 46 dedicated bond issues.

The agenda is available here.

The Banca IMI presentation is available here.